James Malcolm Rymer Collection

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List of Works by Author: James Malcolm Rymer
Editors: Rebecca Nesvet and Rae X. Yan
Technical Editor: Adam McCune
Publishers: Rebecca Nesvet and Rae X. Yan
Publish Date: 2015
Freely available on a non-commercial basis

Project Description

The James Malcolm Rymer Collection is a work in progress and, as such, subject to continual modification, evolution, and revision. Please pardon instances where information or content is missing as we continue to build out our collection.

As of the summer of 2015, we have begun posting James Malcolm Rymer's The Sepoys; Or, Highland Jessie and The String of Pearls, or, The Barber of Fleet-street, a Domestic Romance.

The first installments (Sepoys) and chapters (String of Pearls) are available to the public. Further work will be "continued in our next," as Lloyd tended to write. Thank you.